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“Spending £14.99 – or less – on a Haynes Home Insulation Manual might just be one of the most cost-effective investments you will ever make”


Professor Chris Gorse, Director of the Leeds Sustainability Institute says:

“The Home Insulation Manual produced by Rock and Walker is the most detailed and practical guidance on how to upgrade domestic properties.


There’s a simple solution to ever-increasing fuel bills. By fully insulating your home you can reap generous savings and benefit from a warm and comfortable indoor environment.

The Haynes HOME INSULATION MANUAL clearly explains the correct way to insulate every part of your property.

Written in plain English and packed with detailed step-by-step photo features, each illustrated project has a useful ‘hammer rating’ showing the required skill level.

The book shows how quickly the cost of each home improvement project will be paid back as a direct result of savings from lower energy bills.

Armed with this book, you can conduct a thorough review of your home’s thermal performance saving £100 or more in energy assessor fees.


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